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 We now have our own disabled gardens for our Disabled Hedgehogs. 

 All of the donated plants will grow and provide a beautiful cover for the area to provide them with as natural of an existence as we can give them. There is also a smaller  garden best suited to the blind hedgehogs with everything they need nearby and also areas to forage.

Hedgehogs like to roam in the wild up to 2/3 miles per night and with this in mind we are very careful of who we think may benefit from this lifestyle. These gardens are housing our selected disabled residents as it is not suitable for all hedgehogs that are not able to be released. Some cannot cope with a disability and we are the first to go with that and making the decision to put them to sleep as they would not have any quality of life. Others can cope and need large areas whilst we have found that some prefer the safety of a smaller area.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you that has helped with this project. It’s so lovely to see them making their little nests and simply being hedgehogs.

Please note that we do not to place hedgehogs into the general publics enclosed gardens as the care required is to a high level and regular health checks are necessary by a qualified rescue.

We are aware that not all rescues go down this route and we took a long time to come to this decision after having so many that could not be released due to injuries etc


If you would like to donate directly to Dottie's Little Hog Hospital to help with the care, feeding and veterinary bills:


Dotties Little Hog Hospital

Lloyds Account Number: 74419660

Sort Code: 30-96-26

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