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Sponsors benefit from watching their animal enjoy life at the Retreat.  We decided to add sponsorship to our page as we have ongoing vet bills and care costs are growing with all of the additional intakes.  Sponsors will give us the assurance of being able to determine just how many animals we can help, without risking the health and safety of those we are already caring for.

If you would rather contribute a smaller donation you can do so through our PayPal account.  Please send as friends & family to: retreatintowonderland@yahoo.com

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Option 1: Just Alice (one off gift pack)


-VIP Pass for a Guided Tour

-Animal Fact Sheet


-Team Sticker

Option 2: The White Rabbit


. VIP Pass for a Guided Tour

. Animal Fact Sheet

. Certificate

. Team Sticker

- Team Keyring

. Sponsor's Name on Plaque on Enclosure

. Quarterly updates telling you all about what your sponsored animal has been getting up to with photos via email or post 

Option 3: The Mad Hatter


. VIP Pass for Two Guided Tours

. Certificate

. Team Sticker

. Animal Fact Sheet

-Team Mug or T Shirt or Keyring

. Sponsor's Name Plaque on Enclosure

. Quarterly updates telling you all about what your sponsored animal has been getting up to with photos via email or post 

Option 4: The Wonderland Package


-VIP Pass for Two Guided Tours

. Certificate

. Team Sticker

. Animal Fact Sheet

-Team Keyring

-Team Mug or T Shirt

. Sponsor's Name Plaque on Enclosure

. Quarterly updates telling you all about what your sponsored animal has been getting up to with photos via email or post 


Alice ❤️

Born: 2014

Favourite Food: Noodles and Custard Creams!

Alice came to us after being a house pig.  She had lived happily in a bedroom but became grossly overweight and her trotters grew really long with no outside space to exercise and keep her little feet healthy.  We went through a very long process of veterinary care for her weight and feet treatments.  Her weight was against her as just the stress of the move could have affected her heart let alone the sedations she had to undergo to get into shape.  Against the odds she is now slim and possibly the fastest pig on the block!  She has no enclosure as she loves to hang with everyone & socialise.












Dorris ❤️

Born: May 2014

Favourite Food: Strawberries and Gateaux (don't judge us!)

Dorris and Wilbur came to us first and unbeknown to us Dorris was already carrying a litter!  They now have their own little family.  Dorris loves a tummy rub but lets you know if she's not in the mood!  She is devoted to Wilbur and is never far from his side.



M.J 💙

Born: Feb 2015

(Parents: Wilbur & Dorris)

Favourite Food: Anything he can carry in his mouth and play with.

MJ is our big soppy teenager and he is the the most playful.  He will do anything for a fuss and once he is laying down having a tummy rub he refuses to move!!  He is simply a loveable & soppy boy.


Name: Hatter 💙

Born: 2008

Favourite Food: Carrots

About: Hatter is a very friendly boy who loves to give kisses when asked!  He likes to be naughty for the farrier and keep him on his toes! He loves to follow you around his paddock and if he sees a bucket of water is rolling in it in seconds!















Name: Chester 💙

Born: 2008

Favourite Food: Apples

About: Chester is extremely lazy! He loves nothing better than a snooze in the afternoon with a carrot or apple to wake up to!  He isn't as sociable as Hatter but will follow him to the end of the earth as this pair are inseparable.















Mr Darcy 💙

Born: 2012

Favourite Food: Apples & Ginger Nut Biscuits

Mr Darcy was abandoned with some other animals by his owner and luckily the neighbours took care of him.  They contacted us and we collected him.  Being a small pig he became a bit of an escape artist with the then temporary fencing and we kept finding him in the main field having fun with our water butt!!  (He has a thing for plastic!!).  He's another soppy boy and very lively running all over the place.  He loves a mud bath!




Mabel ❤️

Born: March 2017

Favourite Food: My Fingers!

Mabel is another sock lamb like Daphne who we also hand reared.  She is unbelievably naughty and always the one that causes the trouble or decides to get stuck somewhere!  She loves to jump up at you after chasing you around the field.  The caravan is one of her favourite places but unlike Daphne she likes to jump on the seats and eat the curtains!















Name: Penelope Hightop❤️

Born: 2008

Favourite Food: Carrots

About: Penelope came to us in a bit of a state and is a very timid girl. She has got confident by the day and enjoys all of her company in the main field.  She is great friends with Dudley our Llama with only the occasional disagreement over treats!  She loves a cuddle and lets you know when she wants one!

Name: Malcolm 💙

Born: approx July 2017

Favourite Food: Blueberries

About: Malcolm is a very proud gentleman! He loves company and just like the pigs loves his belly rubbed!! He rules the roost and is definitely The King of  Wonderland

Cricket & friends...💙

Born: Who knows!

Favourite Food: Chicken Pate Cat food

Cricket was found on a cricket pitch following chemicals being sprayed.  Unfortunately this left him blind and after a lot of care to heal his face he came to live with us.  Hedgehogs don't naturally live in captivity but Cricket is very settled and loves his food.  He is often up and waiting for us at meal times.Cricket was the first hedgehog to join us at Dottie's!

Daphne ❤️

Born: March 2017

Favourite Food:  Anything she can eat delicately

Daphne is a sock lamb that we hand reared along with Mabel.  She travelled between the sanctuary and home until she was big enough to join the gang full time and not reliant on bottle feeds.  She has grown into our little elegant lady and is the most gentle of all the sheep.  She loves a fuss and paws you for more when you stop!  She has taken a liking to visiting our caravan with Mabel when we are having our coffee breaks.


Name: Fraggle ❤️

Born: 2016

Favourite Food: Loves anything!

About: Fraggle came to live with us with her 3 sisters, Muggley, Angel & Dottie. They were all underweight & undernourished.   Her favourite thing to do is .... sleep! She is the laziest pig that we have but also the most cuddly.  If we go to any events she is the pig that comes along with us to meet everyone as she will happily be fussed for hours....


Name: Duke of Noodle Top Strawberry Laces & Friends ❤️

Born: 2018

Favourite Food: Well, she's finicky what can we say!

Noodle lives with all of her bunny friends at the retreat. She is sociable when she wants to be.  If you choose to sponsor her then you take them all on!!


Name: Master Jabberwocky Von Bandersnatch & Friends 💙

Born: 2018

Favourite Food: Does't mind, just wants to be in charge!

Master Jabberwocky lives with his friends at Tulgey Wood.   Their village consists of an entire village complete with their own houses inside and out.  If you choose to sponsor Master Jabberwocky then you will be taking on all of his friends...














Name: Ludvig 💙

Born: 2019

Favourite Food: Kale

Ludvig came to us when he was quite small and will grow rather large being a Sulcata Tortoise!!  He has a lot of growing to still do but is steadily putting on the pounds.  He is grumpy and totally unsociable just as he should be and we love him for it.







Name: Dudley 💙

Born: Approx 2007

Favourite Food: Small Carrot Pieces

Dudley joined us from a petting farm where he sadly lost his mate due to neglect and became very distant & lonely.  He refused to leave his shelter most of the time and simply grieved.  He came to us and now refuses to go in his shelter most of the time!  He hangs with the sheep, Penelope the donkey and Alice the pig is never far from his side.


Name: Stan & Co 💙

Born: April 2021

Favourite Food: Clothing!!!!!!

Stan and his brothers Tinker, Ninja & Mike came to us as they were not being fed by their mum and we needed to step in. They are lively to say the least and love to play.  Stan is calmer than his brothers and comes with us on various adventures to meet new friends. As lively as they all are they all love a cuddle and time spent with them.


Alice: This is impossible.

The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.